Monday, May 05, 2003

Ah, the logic of drugs. On Friday night Saturday morning, I went straight from finishing my shift on the paper to a Vauxhall after-hours club which is open from 3am to 3pm. Arriving stone-cold sober, I realised just how bizarre these places are. Clearly, everybody had been at it for hours - I've never seen so many unfocused people.

There were three guys at the door trying to get in. All three of them were much the worse for wear, but the one in the middle could not stand at all. His two mates were trying to hold him up. The bouncer took one look at them and said there was no way they were coming in with their friend in that state.

"He's just had a line of K," one of them explained to bouncer, "All he needs is a line of coke to sort him out. Is there anywhere here we can do that?"

I didn't hear the bouncer's reply, but I think I saw all three of them in the club later.

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