Wednesday, December 11, 2002

At this time of year, the papers are full of speculation about the Christmas number one. Three of the country's leading newspapers came out and made their predictions today.

  • The Times are backing Cherie Blair's cover of the Karyn White anthem I'm Not Your Superwoman.

  • The Mirror wonders if the Christmas number one could be Cherie Blair with a cover of the Boy George classic.

  • However, I am backing The Guardian, which quotes Cherie's reworking of the first two lines of Soft Cell's Tainted Love, which Cherie rehearsed for Stars In Their Eyes last night. Cherie makes a wonderful Marc Almond - the suspiciously dark hair, the over-generous eyeliner, the hastily-applied lippy, the histrionic gestures, the dodgy friends. "Tonight, singing live, Cherie Blair is Marc Almond!"
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