Wednesday, December 04, 2002

A while ago, on Stuart's site, I said I didn't get comics, or graphic novels.
"I don't like comics. Oh, I remember I quite liked When The Wind Blows, but every time I've tried to read comics these days, I've given up in frustration. The phrase 'graphic novel' has always seemed to me to be wishful thinking. Comics don't do what novels do - they don't involve me in the same way. I love language. The brief panels can't have the intoxicating effect that a beautifully descriptive passage in a novel can. I certainly can't be bothered with superheroes, dark forces and fantasy. Or with troubled teens, espionage or religious struggles, much detective fiction and science fiction. But I am willing to be proven wrong."
I challenged Anna to recommend a couple that I might like despite my extreme prejudice. She has done.

Thanks Anna, I'll give these a try and let you know what I made of them.

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