Wednesday, March 28, 2001

I haven't done a Wednesday Retro Bar pop quiz post-mortem in weeks. Largely because we kept losing. But not this week. We won. "We" being me, Dave and Jonathan. But we haven't the faintest idea how we managed to win. Over the course of last night's quiz, we dropped just three half-points.

It wasn't really a pop music quiz last night, but a TV one. A song would be played, and we'd have to name the TV show the song was from and answer a question about that programme. For instance, they played that annoying Rembrandts song, and then asked us to name all six of the main actors in "Friends" No problem. No problem either with Morcheeba's "Shipwrecked" theme, or with the title of the new album by the band responsible for the "Father Ted" theme, and we all knew the European city "Van der Valk" was set in.

But then came all the guesses: None of the three of us ever watches "Buffy" or "Angel" or "Cold Feet" or "Dawson's Creek". Yet we somehow managed not only to guess which bland song belonged to which bland show, but also came up with some ridiculously lucky guesses. We decided "Angel" must be set in L.A. because, er, it's the City of Angels, right? Right. Dave reached way back into his memory and plucked out the name Hepburn for the "Buffy" song, and I cannot explain how I divined that the "Sopranos" song was by Alabama 3.

However, our lucky streak ended when it came to picking the prizes. We didn't get the money, but the booby prize: the Hear'Say single. Jonathan seemed quite happy with it, though.

The three half-points we missed: name all seven "Waltons" kids, name the band responsible for the dreadful cod-reggae song featured in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", and name the elusive son in "Absolutely Fabulous". Answers on an email.

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