Monday, December 10, 2001

The question on everyone's lips on Saturday evening: Who would win Record Of The Year? Would it be OMD, Betty Boo, Cathy Dennis or Mud? In the event, the great British public voted for S Club 7's Don't Stop Movin' which - astonishingly - was actually co-written by one of the poppets.

Eight months ago I wrote about my favourite albums of the 90s, including the fabulous Betty Boo album, Grrr!
Betty Boo was the original Spice Girl. She invented Girl Power. I imagine Simon Fuller listened to “Grrr!” and came up with the idea of a group of girls who, like, are really good friends who look out for each other. The CD booklet shows Betty dressed in a range of outfits: posh in little black number, scary in tiger print, sporty in track suit, babyish cuddling a teddy. But definitely no ginger.
In a recent Guardian article on how today's pop charts are dominated by behind-the-scenes 80s popstars, Betty Boo says:
"Eventually I got this phone call from Chris Herbert, the chap who discovered the Spice Girls. He told me that when they were auditioning for the Spice Girls, they were looking for five Betty Boos - larger-than-life cartoon characters."

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