Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Oh, have I told you that Marcus and I are going on holiday in three weeks' time? Yup, the fifth to the fifteenth of July - a week in Sitges and three days in Barcelona.

We're going away with A and K and G. If previous experience is anything to go by, I doubt it will be a relaxing holiday. I went to Sitges with A and G two years ago. It was a memorable, eventful trip:

  • G, dancing wildly, fell off a podium and broke his arm. He was rushed to the hospital the next morning and had a metal pin inserted [into his arm, that is] and spent the rest of the holiday with his arm in plaster. This would probably slow most mere mortals down. But not G, oh no. He even managed Trailer's legendary foam parties, with his cast gaffer-taped in a plastic bag. Very fetching.

  • The three of us were part of a much bigger group. There were seventeen of us, descending en masse onto Sitges, like some skinhead Sunshine Coach Tour to RVT-by-the-Sea. We became well-known during our stay. Some more than others...

  • For the first foam party of the season, Trailer decided to experiment with putting food colouring into the foam. Green food colouring. Indelible green food colouring. Indelible green food colouring that reacted badly with human skin, particularly that on your scrotum.

  • After the foam party, everyone piled into my room. Bottles of cava were opened, schnapps were drunk, loud music was played, clothes were loosened, morals were loosened yet more, hands strayed, mouths strayed, and a veritable orgy ensued... And suddenly, like some bad porn film, there were three uniformed policemen in the room....

    ...Let's hope this holiday is equally memorable, but perhaps not quite as eventful!
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