Monday, June 24, 2002

What a wonderful, full weekend. My brain seems to have got lost in transit, so the detailed retelling will have to wait till my head arrives at work.
  • Midsummers Eve: The Swedes gathered in St James' Park. So did the rain clouds. Off we all trooped to the Retro Bar, where I drunkenly told Wendy I thought the redecoration was a mistake. Oops!
  • The Horniman Museum: Way cool. A Victorian treasure trove of artefacts gathered from all over the Empire - a veritable taxonomy of taxidermy. Stuffed animals, ritualistic head dresses, torture machines, tropical fish, randomly scattered through two bizarre buildings.
  • Walk For Life: Marcus and I raised about five-hundred quid between us, thank you. A two-hour stroll along the river. Thousands of people. A faint sense of anticlimax. A funfair. A very funky starlit marquee. Then the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Clench-jawed grinning. Dukes. Meandering chat with Ian. Home. Bed. Morning? Oh dear.

    Photos to follow once I've, er, found my head. Or my camera. Strange, coulda sworn we used it last night...
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