Tuesday, June 25, 2002

We're going away on holiday to Sitges next week. There are going to be five of us sharing an apartment, and I've been looking for some CDs that will please all five of us. Something summery and dancey to get us in the mood for yet another night out. You know, holiday music.

An Amazon search for CD titles containing the word 'Ibiza'' produces a staggering 466 results. Chillout Session Ibiza; Chilled Ibiza; Old Skool Ibiza; Real Ibiza; Undiscovered Ibiza; Essential Ibiza; Naked Ibiza; Bora Bora Ibiza; etc, etc.

Nobody has yet produced a CD specifically aimed at the thousands of gay men who flock to Sitges every summer. In fact, if you search for 'Sitges', Amazon suggests that you may have meant 'Sixties'. Come on, Almighty, change the name of your forthcoming Definitive Collection to SLAGS In Sitges - Almighty Summer Anthems. A surefire summer smash, surely.

Until then, we are going to have to create our own compilation CDs for the holiday. But what to put on it? A bit of trance, a bit of chill-out, a lot of cheese. Any suggestions?

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