Thursday, May 10, 2001

Another eMode personality test. This one to determine your ideal career. Apparently, my personality type is "detective", with suitable careers being FBI agent, mathematician, financial advisor. While I have no affinity for the suggested careers, I have to agree that the analysis of three areas of my personality is accurate:
Conflict Style: You're an Avoider. When there's a problem in the office or you disagree with an approach, you'll prefer to let things ride. Workplace drama doesn't interest you, and taking a stand on any issue probably feels less important than making sure everyone gets along. You'd rather save your energy for your personal life. This attitude helps maintain a peaceful workplace, but it might let bigger problems build.
Motivation: Face it, you're a Slacker. Work is a necessary evil, so you're often counting the minutes between coffee breaks. As for advancing up the company ladder, you'd prefer to take the escalator. You don't let your personality get caught up in your career success. Maybe you get the job done, but you don't go out of your way to prove your merit.
Leadership Style: You're a Catalyst. You strike a balance between innovation and cautious skepticism. You know that perception is reality in the workplace, so new ideas are only successful if embraced by people who are trusted and liked. While open to change and trying new ideas in the workplace, you don't blindly go forward without careful consideration of the consequences.

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