Thursday, May 31, 2001

Last night's PoofBlogMeet™ began disastrously and then proceeded downhill from there. We had arranged to meet upstairs at Compton's, but that proved impossible, as there was a chain across the stairs and a sign announcing that the upstairs bar was closed. I positioned myself strategically at the bottom of the stairs, hoping to spot a familiar face or body part among the loud, chaotically drunk crowd, and sure enough, Scally's plaster cast steered into view. We soon spotted Iain and Tom, and were then joined by Jonathan and Davo.

While we were bunched together on the stairs, a few rollerbladers zoomed past the window, down Old Compton Street. And then a few more, and more, and more - an entire flotilla of skaters, with a police car in lukewarm pursuit. Remi arrived, mysteriously managing to recognise us, and then Ian finally turned up, and we decided to move the PoofBlogMeet™ to the more relaxed setting of the upstairs bar at The Yard.

We managed almost an entire evening without getting techie or geeky. Remi's pictures have turned out well, even if Tom and Iain look terrified. At closing time, some of us went home, while some went on to behave disgracefully at Barcode. I think you can guess which catergory I fell into...

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