Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Energy levels at the RVT on Bank Holiday Monday were distinctly depleted. A pity, as the management had gone to great effort decking the place out for a beach party - paddling pools outside; lilos suspended surreally, upside-down, bouncing on the ceiling; beach balls, frisbees and buckets and spades hanging down at convenient eye-gouging level. After Pam Ann, doing her usual Pam Ann thing, there were some half-hearted attempts at dancing from the tired-looking throng. Highlight of the day: Andy and Alex scampering around in skimpy swimming trunks, carrying drinks in their buckets. Musical moment of the day: Andy Almighty mixing Hear'Say's "Pure And Simple" with the Lightning Seeds "Pure" ("pure and simple every time"). Gratifying moment of the day: getting home and flopping onto my bed.

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