Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Bit of a disastrous quiz last night. Dave is off to Oz today, so was far too busy packing to bother with such trivialities. The Lovely Darren [TM] was down in Southampton, so it was up to me, Ian and Jonathan. Or so I thought. Due to a misunderstanding, Jonathan thought we weren't going at all, so he stayed at home, leaving just me and Ian. The fact that the big money was won last week - by us - led to a low turn-out - just seven teams in total.

We could have done with Dave's input on the 80s round - we got Herbie Hancock's Rockit, but didn't recognise Songs From Under The Floorboards by Magazine or something called Funking For Jamaica by someone called Tom Brown. The next round was the spot-the-connection one, and was obvious - they'd all been sampled by Fat Boy Slim.

Next up was a round almost designed for Jonathan - The Sublime Genius Of The Pet Shop Boys. No problems there - got all three on the first note. We did dreadfully on the punk/noo wave section, guessing X-Ray Specs correctly, but Devo and the Gang Of 4 went unrecognised, leaving us with a pitiful six out of ten.

I was filled with dread when I heard that the next round was on Blaxpoitation films, as that's Darren's speciality, yet we got all three: Isaac Hayes' Shaft, Curtis Mayfield's Superfly and Rose Royce's Carwash. We got just one-and-a-half points for the new releases, recognising Gorillaz and Eminem [but not the group he was with] but missing Heaven Is A Half-Pipe by OPM. Next was a nineties round, where we got Janet Jackson's Got Till It's Gone and Sneaker Pimps' Spin Spin Sugar, but not Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy. For once, we got the year right.

Our final score: 14.5 out of 21. The winnners were another team of two, scoring an exceptional 20 out of 21. They drew the envelope containing the money - but only seven quid. I rubbed it in by going over and telling them we won 120 quid last week.

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