Thursday, June 28, 2001

The guy I have recently been sleeping with [ha!] suffers from sleep apnoea. I'll rephrase that: I'm the one who suffers. He snores. Loudly. Very loudly. And then stops. Stops breathing completely, that is.

His snoring pattern looks something like this:
gxnkmnkx... ZNKMX.
gxnkmnkx... ZNKMX.
gxnkmnkx... ZNKMX.

I found this table, which lists the four types of snoring and how they affect the person sleeping with them:
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Patient's Complaint Patient sleeps quietly and well Patient snores but breathes well and sleeps well with good daytime energy Patient nores very loudly and sleeps restlessly causing lack of refreshment Patient stops breathing during sleep and is very sleepy during the day
Partner's ComplaintPartner has no complaints Partner kept awake by noise and sleeps badly themselves Partner sleeps in other room Partner frightened by patient's breathing and kept awake with worry

But there's a fifth group: Partner driven crazy by patient's snoring and kicks him repeatedly, jabs him in the ribs, puts pillow over his head, holds patient's nose and covers patient's mouth, screaming "stop your fucking snoring for chrissake!"

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