Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Apologies for my earlier outburst. I had just come out of a frustrating meeting. The recent corporate restructuring has resulted in what must seem, to management, like a good idea: streamline the production departments, amalgamating the magazine, directory and newsletter production teams, causing a few redundancies. I can see the logic in this, but:
  • magazine production staff are highly-trained, highly-strung beasts. We do not want to do the DTP on some crappy, mono, 500-page directory.
  • although we admittedly have huge holes in our schedules, we also work to pressured deadlines. Don't choose one of my hectic periods to give me shitty work.
  • magazines work as teams: the editor and production editor need to make decisions together. They don't want an administrator with no mag experience sticking his nose in.
  • anyone who has worked on a mag knows not to try tell the ad sales department their job. You will make enemies.
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