Wednesday, July 04, 2001

My search for 'reformed ham' led me to this bizarre page about a Welsh prog-rock band called Ham who supposedly recorded the archetypal prog rock album of the seventies, Bizza The Heen, in 1973, selling half a million copies and making it to number one on the Icelandic prog rock album chart. This led to Ham headlining the Reykjavik Festival Of Symphonic Rock in front of 86,000 people, supported by Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Yes and Vandergraff Generator.

Ham soon split and their bass player, Lolly Dwyer, joined the marvellously-named Fifi Le Beef in a band called Röde Krüe. They didn't last long either, and Mr Le Beef packed in the rock business and now works for Sketchley's. [I'm not making this up, honest!] Dwyer then reformed Ham with a chap named Fancy Fred Hogril, but changed the name to Cake Air Basket.

I have no idea if any of this is true - I think the site I got this from, Silhobbit, is an acid-fried spoof of prog-rock fan sites, but I'm not entirely sure. [Make sure you read Prog Rock Is Good For Your Cock and Fred West Was An It Bites Fan. I shall do some more research after my lunch of honey-roast reformed ham sandwich.

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