Wednesday, July 18, 2001

A very entertaining, very challenging, very intelligent pop quiz last night. Therefore, we failed miserably. My excuse, and I'm sticking to it, is that there was too much ShitePop and not enough indie. "We" in this case were me, Ian and Jonathan. No Shaun. No Darren. No Extra Shouty Bits.

The first four questions were all movie-related. Name the song, the artist and the film. The first one was Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, which we knew came from "Wild At Heart". We got Siouxsie And The Banshees with Face To Face; Bjork with something from "Dancer In The Dark"; and kd lang with a song from "Tomorrow Never Dies", but in each case we were missing one part of the question, losing a half-mark each time.

The next three questions were Spot The Celeb. No problem with PJ and Duncan's Stepping Stone, and we managed to recognise Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin singing something or other, but we had no idea who the bimbo singing some dreadful piece of dreck called The Battle Of The Sexes was. We could somehow tell she was a blonde bimbo, and guessed Jordan. It was Dani Behr.

The next round involved spotting the song from an instrumental break in the twelve-inch. No problems with Bananarama's Venus, The Spice Girls' Spice Up Your Life or The Human League's The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. We guessed correctly that the fourth song was by Steps, but couldn't name the song, I am pleased to say. (It really was The Last Thing On My Mind.)

Then came our favourite round: What Happens Next? They played the S Club 7 song Don't Stop Moving, and stopped it just before the chorus, and we had to supply the next fourteen words. We answered, "Don't stop moving, everybody grooving, listen to the music going around and round." We weren't even close. Can you do better?

Questions 13 to 16 involved singles recorded by EastEnders actors. We correctly guessed Michelle Gayle, Sean MacGuire and Letitia Dean, but failed to recognise a very early, very 80s, very dreadful Martine McCutcheon song.

Next up was the What Came Next? round, in which we were played a single and then had to name that band's next single. We didn't get a single point here. The three songs played were: Abba's Dancing Queen, The Beatles' Ticket To Ride, and Madonna's Papa Don't Preach but we failed to name their subsequent releases. Can you do better?

Finally, we had to put four Kylie songs in chronological order of UK release. Easy. The four songs were: Shocked, Step Back In Time, Better The Devil You Know and Hand On Your Heart. Put them in the right order.

We ended with our lowest score ever: 12 out of 21. The winners didn't do a whole lot better, scoring fifteen-and-a-half.

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