Monday, September 10, 2001

My South African readers [of which I have surprisingly few - I guess all my old friends have since moved to the UK] may like to know about RetroFresh:
RETRO FRESH is an imprint label dedicated to the preservation of classic South African pop & rock music of the last 30 years…each release, many available for the first time on cd, has been digitally remastered with bonus tracks including live, studio out takes, demos and unreleased songs. Where possible the original artwork has been retained but has been extended to include great pics, in-depth liner notes written by some of the country`s leading music journalists, rare memorabilia and artist commentary. All releases are artist approved.
Their catalogue includes some much music that I adored back in the mid-80s, and much which now sounds incredibly naff. Click on the title to hear a sound-clip:
  • Via Afrika - Hey Boy
  • eVoid - Shadows
  • Lesley Rae Dowling - Will I Ever Get Over You, Living Without Conversation, The Spaniard

    However, after trawling the site for half an hour, I can find no way of ordering these albums. The only online resource I know of for South African CDs is One World, though it is annoyingly slow right now.
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