Thursday, September 13, 2001

A year or two ago, I heard a rumour that Jonathan - aka The DE Experience - was once a member of Bronski Beat. One Sunday afternoon at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, I asked Jonathan directly. "No," he said, "Never! Where on earth did you hear that?" I answered that I'd read that a Jonathan Hellyer had once been lead vocalist of Bronski Beat, and I thought his surname was Hellyer. "It isn't," he snapped, "it's Paul."

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Jonathan Paule Experience.
Chris first met Jonathan at Battery Studios in 1994 during Jonathan's first major gig, recording lead vocals with Bronski Beat in its final incarnation. The two worked together briefly before Jonathan left the UK to tour Europe & the U.S.A. as a vocalist, not to mention stand-up comic and impressionist.

From a musical family (the kids from 6 upwards were a Jackson 5 style club act!), Jonathan left home to go into nursing (becoming a qualified psychiatric nurse) while always singing in clubs. After Bronski Beat (in 1989) and touring ended with a residency in a nightclub in Atlanta, USA, Jonathan returned to England to develop his one man act, where he re-established contact with Chris Marshall. Chris, having now formed RSR, asked him to record some covers and some of their original songs for his new label, resulting in Jonathan's first solo single. Get in touch with JONATHAN PAULE by CLICKING HERE, particularly if you know why the catalogue number of Jonathan's single is 'DE' 201. There's a prize for anyone who knows why, O.K.?"
I love the idea of Jonathan and his brothers being part of a 'Jackson 5 style' club act. At least that explains the note-perfect rendition of "I'll Be There" he often performs. What say we all buy copies of the Bronski Beat album Rainbow Nation and ask Jonathan to autograph them?

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