Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Please forgive me while I have a mean-spirited rant about something trivial - people who walk just slightly more slowly than you.

Is there anything more annoying? There they are, cluttering pavements, staircases, tube walkways and escalators, always just half a step ahead. Really slow walkers are fine - you simply overtake them, but passing these semi-slow ones takes great effort. Either you break into a near-run and rudely barge past, or you adopt a shuffling, skipping gait, biding your time till you spot an opening. And they're a wily bunch - they never stick to one line, but wander randomly. As you decide to make a break through the slight gap they've allowed on their left, they suddenly veer towards the left again, trapping you, forcing you into a corner.

But then again, like all big city commuters, I believe I have the right of way. Perhaps there is always someone who walks slightly more quickly than I, cursing my every shuffling footstep.

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