Friday, May 24, 2002

To Fabric last night for Diesel U-Music. I had avoided Fabric before, thinking it wouldn't be my kind of thing. I was so wrong. What a fantastic venue. The bass speakers are under the floor, so the whole dancefloor acts as a huge woofer. It vibrates and rumbles under your feet, giving them a sensual foot massage. Hey, put a beer bottle on the floor, sit on it, and you'd be very, very happy.

Howie B played a wonderful set of bouncy bleepy music that had us boinging around and grinning as though we were on drugs. Which we weren't, even though several people asked us if we had any. I've never seen such a diverse crowd in a club - indie kids, garage crews, muscle boys, Essex girls, straight and gay, black and white, young and old.

Tim Burgess DJed too, playing long, slow, deep dub, sending long, intense ripples underfoot. I feel the earth move under my feet. Tim danced next to us at one stage, and Janne got talking to one of the guys in his posse. Apparently, Tim had asked him to come back with them because he had "too many girls on his hands". Rock and roll, dude!

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