Wednesday, May 29, 2002

We didn't feel like going to the pop quiz last night, so we went to the pop quiz instead. Yes, we thought we'd have a complete change of scenery, so instead of hunching around a table in central London, listening to crap pop music and furiously whispering "Strawberry Switchblade", last night found us hunched around a table in Kilburn, listening to crap pop music and furiously whispering, "urgh, it's Phil Collins!"

I live in Kilburn [kinda] so I was happy. It was more of a trek for Jonathan. We joined Fraser and his flatmate Chris for the pop quiz at the Zd Bar - a, ahem, post-industrial space on Kilburn High Road - not quite the cosy packed pub atmosphere we're used to at the Retro Bar. In fact, there were just five teams last night, so it's perhaps not that surprising that we managed to win.

We won twenty quid to share between us, but the team that came second got a case of alcopops. Call us sad lushes [go ahead, everyone else does] but first prize just wasn't as tempting as second. Ian joined us late, after wandering, lost, all the way up and down Kilburn High Road without spotting the bar's huge neon sign. We repaired for a drink in Powers Bar across the road. Jonathan gulped down half his pint, then leapt up and sprinted out to catch the last train. Which he missed.

I don't think I'll be able to tempt them back up here again, so it's back to the familiar surrounds of the Retro Bar next week.

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