Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Lorraine MacLean's strange paintings change the rain-stained Maine terrain. Paint rain, Lorraine.
"Teasing bees is easy," wheezed Louise. "These bees are teased." Tease these, Louise.
Jill's drill skills instill ill will. A shrill trill fills the hills. Drill still, li'l Jill.
Jo-Jo knows the snow slows, no, no, Jo-Jo slows the snow. Slow snow, Jo-Jo.
Lulu glues two blue shoes to tutus to lose the blues. Glue, Lulu, glue.
This marvellous bit of doggerel is "Water Torture" by - who else? - Stephin Merritt, from his soundtrack to the film Eban and Charley.

Mr Merritt is due to play London's Bush Hall on the 29th of September. Not with the Magnetic Fields, but rather with his electropop offshoot, The Future Bible Heroes. Their brand new album, Eternal Youth, has just been released. [Though you'll probably have to scour some pretty obscure record store on Berwick Street to have a hope of finding it.] That's my Tuesday evening sorted, then.

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