Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Tonight's televisual must-see: Would Like To Meet. Tonight the subject is a gay man, Richard Smith. "[Flirting expert Tracey] teaches him the fine art of gay cruising in London's Old Compton Street."

Would Like To Meet always makes for compelling viewing. Although it is billed as a dating show, it is really about building confidence. I'm not single, nor looking for lurrve, but I'd love to go through the process the contestants are put through -
  • Being forced to watch myself interact in a social setting. Do I listen? Do I apologise too much? Talk too much? Too little? A few years ago, as part of a training programme, a group of us was filmed trying to solve a theoretical problem. I was surprised to see that I didn't come across domineering and stubborn as I had feared, but that I in fact was hesitant, non-committal and virtually invisible. Of course, how we behave in social situations can be very different.
  • Having an independent 'expert' cast a harsh eye over my wardrobe. Is my style totally out of date? Are my clothes too loose? Too tight? Too dull? Too old? Too young? Am I mutton dressed as lamb? Or vice-versa?

    Or, as Billy Joel put it...
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