Saturday, January 27, 2001

Out last night with Ian. And what an aint-I-fabulous? evening. Met Phil outside Barcode and dragged him to Comptons. Got chatted up by a gloriously, garrulously drunk guy. Then off to Barcode, where we bumped into Little Steve and Nyk (who seems to be speaking to me again). Then we went to Duckie. Or at least we tried. "If you haven't got a ticket, you're not getting in." Still, the evening wasn't entirely wasted, as Ian showed me a shortcut through an NCP parking thing. So back to Barcode it was then. Ian left at some stage, and I went to Escape, where I got chatting to drag legend Ebo-knee, and finally, wonderfully, to Rob.
My left kneee is bruised, though. That'll be the vague recollection of walking straight into a lamppost on Regent Street.

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