Friday, January 26, 2001

Overheard in the office part 1:
"Zoe, have you got any headache tablets?"
"No, but I've got lavender oil."

Did I really say that out loud? Part 1:
To a man who stopped the lift as it was leaving ground floor of Waterstones Piccadilly, and who then pressed the button for the first floor:
"Stairs not working then?"

Did I really say that out loud? Part 2:
On a packed Hammersmith & City Line tube last night, listening to Guy's excellent Vauxhall Tavern mix CD. During "Top Of The World", when Karen Carpenter sang "and the only explanation I can find," I shouted out, a-la Dame Edna, "Is the what?"
[Don't worry, if you're not a Vauxhall regular you won't understand this.]

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