Thursday, January 18, 2001

Re-Versed Lyrics: Christian lyrics that can be sung to popular tunes Like this, sung to the tune of American Pie: A long, long time ago, A child came down to earth below, To Mary and her husband, Joe, Born in the cold night air, And somewhere in the starry night, Some shepherds saw a wondrous sight, The sky was filled with angels shining bright, Who told them He was there, So they found the baby in the straw, Their hearts and minds were filled with awe, But they didn’t know that the child they saw, Would be their King some day.
Others include Smells Like Teen Spirit (or Holy Spirit, of course) and this from Biblethumping, every Christian's answer to Tubthumping: My God got killed, but He rose up again, Death could never never keep Him down!
You just couldn't make it up!

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