Monday, January 29, 2001

Thank God I'm an amiable drunk.
If I were the miserable sort, last night could have been a tragedy. Instead, it was a farce.
As an amiable drunk, you can:
  • laugh when you can't find your wallet in McDonalds.
  • laugh still more when you realise that your wallet has, in fact, been stolen.
  • laugh uncontrollably when you realise you have all of 5p on you, no cards, no travelcard, and no way of getting home.
  • contemplate walking. To Kilburn.
  • phone your bestest friend in the whole world and persuade him to jump in a cab and come all the way from Wapping to Comptons Cafe to bring you some money.

    Thank God I'm an amiable drunk.
    And thank God I have lovely friends. Thanks Ian, I owe you!
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