Wednesday, January 31, 2001

To the Retro Bar last night for our weekly pop quiz. And, no, we didn't win. But nor did the Freaky Trigger-Pumpkin Publog lot. And there were a lot of them, playing in a 2-4-1 formation. Pete from Pumpkin Publog tracked me down, but didn't quite recreate that Tom-Ewing-in-an-indie-disco moment. Pete, you were meant to say "excuse me, are you David from Swish Cottage?"

We scored 16 out of 19. The FT-PP axis got 17. But the winners scored a vital extra half-point. The theme to last night's quiz - DJ Lush's anatomy lesson - meant every answer included the name of a body part.

The ones we missed: Patti Smith [again - has Lush got a new compilation or something?] with some dirge about a foot [sour grapes? us?]; we didn't know the year in which Rock Bottom was our Eurovision entry; or which year Legs by ZZ Top was a hit. We had a half-point deducted for thinking the Small Faces song was called "Lazy Sunday Afternoon". It's not; there's no "Afternoon". We also didn't know the title of the Echobelly song - Dave was convinced it was a one-word title starting with 'S', so we spent five minutes shouting at each other: "Swoon!" "Swerve!" "Swish!". The correct title was, er, "Great Things".

Sailed through the rest, though, recognising such diverse songs as Fred Astaire singing "Cheek To Cheek"; Dollar performing "Hand Held In Black And White"; The Cramps with "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?"; The Stiff Little Fingers' "Alternative Ulster" and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions' "Perfect Skin", sparking another Dave-David debate about which album it was originally on. (You were right, Dave, I concede.) Jonathan once again revealed his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Dire Straits, and Ian looked on. But in a very knowledgeable way.

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