Friday, February 02, 2001

More Marc Almond news. have the following book available for pre-order:
The End of New York by Marc Almond.
"A new collection of poetry and prose inspired by New York City, with a series of extraordinary photomontages and a CD on which the author reads his work, The End of New York will appeal to all Marc's fans and to anyone interested in the city's sexual subcultures. With a cast list of addicts, hustlers, go-go dancers, and locations in the clubs and lounges of the city, this is at once a violent, sleazy and glamorous world. A necessary publication for Marc Almond fans. Spoken-word CD available only with this book. Eight color photomontages specially commissioned for this publication."
It's an ellipsis book, which leads me to wonder if it's just A Beautiful Twisted Night, tarted up for US release. The cover pic is stunning. The oh-so annoying ellipsis site doesn't appear to have any mention of the book. It's not released till May, anyway, so I may pick it up when I'm over in New York in June...

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