Tuesday, February 06, 2001

This site produces random poetry using some sort of cgi script, based on the words used on a web page. Link nicked from Meg. Here's a [highly edited] poem it produced for Swish Cottage:

Swish Cottage? We moved into a
fitter and glamorous world.
I am a gay man, and turner. He’
enrolled me down, but with
or which made legally available for
The Land Of addicts, hustlers, dancers,

Swish Cottage? Swish Cottage?
I could sing.
I had it.

The city
6 pints
The trouble started
With an email from Wapping
It was an amiable drunk. really drunk really drunk
really quickly, and milking

And most disturbing
was it might be updated at home
Your bestest friend in
a violent sleazy and suddenly thought
I spouted.

the author reads his encyclopaedic knowledge of
getting home.

I was off again.
revealed his encyclopaedic knowledge of
blogging [he would not understanding
a second until I had
read the Retro Bar tonight.

Much drinking.
Much waiting for
A character

Swish Cottage, We scored a girl with
my God.Swoon!
Swish! . The axis got to
mount her.

Swish Cottage, We had it. fulfilled

Swish Cottage
reads his encyclopaedic knowledge
of my Crazed Stalker
A ;color: black;:boy of
the fucking morning
Ian looked on.

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