Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Thanks to holidays and honeymoons, we missed the last couple of pop quizzes at the Retro Bar, so we were looking forward to last night's quiz. We had a full-strength team (me, Jonathan, Darren and Ian) and were quietly confident that we'd be in with a chance. Not even close! But - considering the quiz consisted largely of new releases, and considering we're a bunch of tired old codgers - we did quite well. And so did our neighbouring team, comprising Davo and Marcus. [Greed and the potential for glory made me choose my regular teammates over my boyfriend - an unwise decision, as the Kylie round proved!]

The quiz started with DJ Otzi's unspeakable version of Do Wah Diddy, and we were asked who had the original hit with it in 1964. Please use the comments facility to answer this and any others. Next up was an anonymous bit of fluff that we failed to recognise as Blu Cantrell's Oops (Hit Em Up Style). The unmistakable bellowing of Anastacia was next, followed by Mary J Bilge [sic].

We had no problems naming the TV series theme tune that Moby sampled for his hit Go. Next we had to name the soul diva singing that song that goes "fish in the sea, you know how I feel, it's a new day," plus the indie band that's released a cover of it.

We could name two of the three Pink Floyd songs - See Emily Play and Money, but not the third - something about a bicycle.

Next up were three new indie bands. We recognised Ladytron, correctly guessed the White Stripes and somehow managed half a point for guessing that the third band was the Moldy Peaches. It was in fact The Peaches.

The three Tori Amos covers were easy, despite them all sounding like typically kooky Tori dirges. Name the three artists who originally released Strange Little Girl, Enjoy The Silence and Rattlesnakes.

31 artists are featured on the cover of What's Going On? by Artists Against Aids Worldwide. Name six of them.

We were doing quite well up to this point, but then came the three Kylie questions, on which we failed to score a single point. We'll have to turn in our membership cards to the homosexuals' club! Give the first 17 words of I Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Now give the first 14 words of I Should Be So Lucky. Finally, give the year the latter song was released.

We finished on a score of 15 out of 21. Davo and Marcus got eleven-and-a-half. Simon, aka Newton - or is it Ridley? - from Shinky Shonky, got an amazing 20.5 and scooped the 55 quid.

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