Thursday, November 22, 2001

When I was a child growing up in South Africa, my older brother told me about ant lions. "Look out for perfectly conical depressions in the sand," he told me. "At the bottom of them, there lies an ant lion - a kind of dragonfly larva or something - just waiting for an ant to fall into the hole. It senses the movement of the sand, then grabs the ant and sucks it dry."

He told me this story when I was about ten years old; so why oh why did I dream about them last night? In my dream, the ant lions looked exactly like the large prawns Marcus and I had in Barcelona! Turns out they look nothing like that.

I also had two separate dreams in which I was a resident of a country undergoing a civil war. In the first dream, I lived in eastern Europe; and in the second, I lived in Thailand - and was a teenaged girl!

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