Thursday, March 28, 2002

This from Patrick Lilley, the promoter of Queer Nation, Brixton:
I urge you to pass on the following comments in support of re-instating Commander Brian Paddick to duty in Lambeth to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office:

I support Commander Brian Paddick's efforts to save police time by adopting a new approach to cannabis possession, allowing resources to be concentrated on catching dealers of hard drugs. I deplore the homophobic witch hunt against Commander Paddick conducted by the Daily Mail and the sordid cheque book journalism resulting in a payment of £100,000 to his ex-partner in an attempt to damage Commander Paddick's reputation and destroy this progressive policing policy.

I urge all those sympathetic to this policy initiated by Commander Paddick to write immediately to the following:

If you agree with the main thrust of this mail then please copy this letter to your email address books of friends and business colleagues maximising circulation & discussion of this email and ask them to copy their mails to:
so I can keep track how its going and publicise the totals emailing their support. I already have some media supporters in surprising places.

We don't have much time to save Commander Paddick. If we all mail it to at least 10 people each, the Met Police Commissioner & Home Office will receive 100,000 mails each by the time their offices open on Tuesday. Get emailing, cut and paste the letter and cc copying them! Let them know how we feel about Commander Paddick.
This campaign to reinstate Paddick receives my full support. I have e-mailed the Commissioner and the Home Office, and I urge you to do the same. Please forward the above e-mail, or post it on your blog for wider circulation.

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