Thursday, July 25, 2002

Mike and Fraser both compiled lists of the UK's most popular blogs, using fairly scientific criteria. To hell with that - I admire The Guardian's bravery in choosing the best blog simply by asking a couple of people which they like best. I reckon I am better-qualified to pick the UK's best weblog than any of the judges on the Guardian contest, so here are the winners of...

...The Great British Blog

1. not so soft
The ruling queen of UK weblogging. Excellent writing, with links that are always worth following. Meg is to blame for starting many a m*me.

2. blogadoon
The best writing on the UK weblogging scene, insightful opinion.

3. blogjam
First with the quirkiest links.

4. wherever you are
Good writing, good links, personal stuff with considered opinions.

5. hydragenic
Impressive in-depth discussions on all sorts of stuff.

6. troubled diva
Very good on popular culture and personal material.

7. life as it happens
Very good right now, with excellent travelogue.

8. here inside
Revealing personal anecdotes and political views.

9. plep
A staggering array of random links. The Bifurcated Rivets that's fun to read.

10. pressure to cccp
Off-centre queer culture and links.

11. plastic bag
Well-designed, good links, can be insightful. Can come across as taking itself a bit too seriously.

12. minor 9th
Proof that blogs written by Young People can be good!

13. interconnected
Very good links to stuff about the internet. A bit techie for my own tastes, perhaps.

14. kookymojo
Personal anecdotes with lots and lots of excellent modern culture links.

15. linkmachinego
Television, newspapers, comics, the web; never personal.

16. online blog
A bit techie for me, but a good collection of links to geekstuff.

17. so...
Good on current events and personal stuff.

18. not you, the other one
Online diary, giving a good sense of the person.

19. parallax view
Discerning links to popular culture stuff.

20. sashinka
Being Jewish, dating, hair, web happenings, local interest, all sorts of stuff.

In a rare attempt at being modest, I've left myself off the list, but I reckon I'd slot in at about number six.
Note: If you're not on the list, it doesn't mean I don't like your site. You're at number 21.


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