Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Like Mike, I was greatly amused by the Point-It Dictionary for Travellers free with this week's Observer. The book features pictures of thousands of everyday items, and instead of learning the word for it, you just point at it. I can't decide whether it is meant to be a useful resource or a huge, elaborate joke. I am, however, going to take it to Sitges with us for our mate Andy. My abiding memory of him on our last holiday is of him in Pans & Co, trying to order a ham and cheese baguette, shouting, very loudly, in a Luton accent, "Jambo Queezo, mate, Jambo Queezo!"

The Point-It dictionary caused us further amusement on Sunday morning, when Marcus's absurdly attractive house-guest embarked on his own voyage of discovery, poring over the maps at the back of the book: "Wow! Is Canada above the US? Really? And Spain is next to France? Wow!"

Attractively absurd. Ooh, news just in!

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