Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Radio Cartel is a streaming bootleg radio station. Nothing but crazy mixed-up shit all day long. It's a bit like listening to two radio stations at once, to be honest, but there are moments of genius. The playlist gives you some idea of the madness in store:
freelance hellraiser - a stroke of genie-us
kurtis rush - george gets his freak on
bob the builder - Bob the builder vs Eminem
Don't Tell Me Bitch - Madonna Vs Prodigy
girls on top - being scrubbed
bjork - violently happy vs. depeche mode remix
freelance hellraiser - just can't get enough pills
osymyso - pat and peg
vanilla ice - ice ice baby vs the real slim shady
v/vm - hello is it meat you're looking for
fatboy slim vs rolling stones - satisfaction skank
soulwax - smells like booty
v/vm - Lady In Red
richard x vs sugarbabes - are freaks electric
Osymyso - bright eyes
girls on top - i wanna dance with numbers
ciccone youth - into the groovey
osymyso - intro-introspection
fatboy slim vs eminem - my name is fatboy slim
soulwax - dreadlock child
blur vs madison ave - don't call me song 2
Remember, it's club night, The King Of The Boots next Thursday, the 7th of March. Under the newsagents, corner Rathbone Place and Charlotte Street, London.

And don't forget, Dalston Jazz Bar tomorrow night for Sarah's Offstream night.

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