Wednesday, November 20, 2002

OK, this is a bit of a sensitive one. While I was updating my wishlist last week, I spotted something at the bottom of the page saying 'Reveal purchased items'. "Ooh, someone's bought me something," I thought, "I wonder what it is?" Unable to restrain myself, I took a peek and discovered that someone had bought me Outside World by Propaganda. I rushed home that afternoon to see if it was there, but it hadn't arrived yet. Each day since then, I've eagerly awaited the post, but nothing has arrived. Amazon say delivery of that CD should take just 24 hours. I can't tell who bought it, or when it was bought - it may have been months ago.

So... if you were the kind person who bought me the Propaganda CD, thank you very much. You may have been thinking me an ungrateful sod for not thanking you - now you know why.

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