Saturday, November 30, 2002

You know when you've done something really embarrassing, and every time you think about it afterwards, you cringe? Well, my face right now is the colour of the masthead on Luca's page. You see, it was Marcus's flatmate's birthday yesterday, and among the people joining us for drinks to celebrate, was Luca.

So what was so embarrassing? Was it the drunken conversations? The wild dancing to camp records? No. Someone gave me a joint. Now, I rarely, if ever, smoke dope, and this one must have been really, really strong. I lost control.

I found myself in the middle of an intense, deep conversation about - ooh, I haven't the faintest - with Luca and Marcus. Marcus and I were very stoned, so even a chat about shopping would end up like, really heavy, man. Luca, to his credit, kept up his side of the conversation, even though he was talking to two fools who couldn't string two words together.

Then Janne came in, asking where his friend was. I got the giggles. "He's in your bedroom, crying," joked Marcus. I burst into gales of laughter. Janne was concerned: "What? He's crying? What's wrong?" I was the one crying now, with laughter. This pissed Janne off: "Why the hell is he laughing? My friend is upset, and he thinks it's funny? What's going on? Are you two on drugs again?" The "again" should have bothered me, but it just made me laugh even more. Janne got completely angry and stormed off, muttering. Marcus went out to try to pacify him. Luca, seeing a fight about to start, beat a hasty retreat. I made the worrying discovery that I was unable to stand, so just sat there when Luca made his getaway.

Fortunately, a fight didn't break out, and we all joked about it this morning. Sorry, Luca, it's not always like that round "our" place, honest.

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