Tuesday, November 05, 2002

What went wrong?
I - and probably a few other bloggers - received this e-mail this morning.
I'm a big fan of your site. I do a small column for the Guardian Weekend magazine each week called We Love Each Other. You might have seen it. It's been running for quite some time, almost too long, which is why we're trying to change it a little by alternating with a column called What Went Wrong where people talk about their worst dates. I'm wondering if you could help me out. Do you know of anyone who has been on a particularly bad date, blind or otherwise, and would like to talk about it? Or a couple who have split up but are now friends enough to be able to go over What Went Wrong? Sounds cheesy, I know, but they end up being a lot of fun.
Do you fancy turning a heart-breaking episode from your past into an amusing anecdote? Then e-mail Craig.

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