Tuesday, November 19, 2002

On Saturday, I promised Marcus I would take him for lunch. We hopped on a number 3 bus and within fifteen minutes were in Dulwich Village - just three kilometres from Brixton, but a million miles from the hectic pace of London. We marvelled at the gorgeous paintings by Murillo, Rubens, Gainsborough in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Here's a site showing some of the gallery's collection, and here's the official site. This Rubens made us laugh out loud.

Afterwards, we went for a stroll through the village, and fell in love with the small-town atmosphere with its leafy streets and quaint shops. The promised lunch never materialised, as the kitchen at the Crown and Greyhound had shut. But we consoled ourselves with a couple of huge glasses of red wine and the Saturday Guardian. If this is what old age has in store, that's fine by me.

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