Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Where do I begin? How to sum up the most fabulous weekend I've had in ages? How to choose just one highlight? Was it Fiction on Friday, with its silk-swathed ceilings, candlelit brickwork, beautiful people, chilled gardens and funky music? Was it bumping into a monumentally drunk Andy and Guy in Kings Cross station ("You're lovely, you are.")? Was it Saturday's glorious weather? The night spent in with Marcus, romantic despite watching two documentaries about the sex industry (Sex: The Annabel Chong Story and 101 Rentboys)? Was it the awesome, mindblowing, shape-shifting sex? Was it the DE Experience's show on Sunday? Was it all the lovely things Marcus said to me ("Your smile could melt the ice on the Titanic")? Was it dancing shirtless, careless, legless? Was it the holding, stroking, caressing? The sleeping, the waking? The relaxing into each other? Was it seeing old friends, making new ones, dancing, laughing, drinking, loving?

It was all these things, but most of all it was Marcus. A very special weekend.

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