Thursday, January 24, 2002

Meanwhile, the world is going Googlewhack-crazy. See the rules here. The game was started by Gary Stock.

The aim is to find a combination of two English words which Google can find on only one web page. Points are awarded for the regularity with which the two indidual words occur in Google. For instance, the current leader is 'dewpoint beeped'. 'Dewpoint' occurs 277,000 times at Google, 'beeped' is found on 57,700 webpages, but 'dewpoint AND beeped' just once. Multiply the two scores to give a combined total score of 15,982,900,000.

It's a lot harder than it looks. Google can find even the most bizarre combination of words. I have so far managed just two Googlewhacks: gorgonzola and quintuplet = 3,390 x 73,100 = 247,809,000. And logotype and carburettor = 61,300 x 24,400 = 1,495,720,000.

Can you do better? Your scores in the Comments, please.

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