Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Now, I know you think I'm a fabulous socialite, a Face, slave to my little black book. You do, don't you? And you'd be right. But every now and then, staying in is not just the new going out, it's all you're capable of. And every now and then, the TV schedules collude to prove that British TV actually is the best in the world. Last night, for instance:

8:00pm BBC2 University Challenge [no-one shaggable, and we hated the smug Canadian girl]
8:30pm BBC1 Ground Force [a secret, guilty pleasure - until now. I have a soft spot for Changing Rooms, too, I'm afraid]
9:00pm Ch4 Never Mind The Buzzcocks [way past its sell-by date but still has its moments]
9:30pm BBC2 Big Train [Smack The Fast Show]
10:00pm BBC2 The Office [genius! I work with him, I swear I do]
10:35pm BBC1 Ruby Wax's Commercial Break [small, loud, vulgar American woman plumbs new depths in money-grubbing by providing a link between commercials. And is funny.]
11:05pm BBC1 Johnny Vaughan [why did no-one tell me that Anastacia is actually very, very funny?]
11:35pm BBC1 Film 2002 [In The Bedroom, Gosford Park, a Kurosawa retrospective]

See? Culture, education, trash, humour, music, loud annoying people. Just like a night out.

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