Wednesday, January 30, 2002

There was a novel twist to last night's Retro Bar pop quiz. Instead of the usual 20 songs, there was just one, yet - in a way - there were 101. How so? Osmyso.

The man behind Osymyso, a young bedroom DJ named Mark, was on hand to present his latest mix of Intro-Inspection. 101 samples packed into twelve minutes. The mix is ingenious. He has clearly spent hours - weeks, months - fitting pieces together. It's very impressive, although it reeks of DJ-wankery, sample trainspotting. As Ian asked, "what is this for? You can't dance to it, you wouldn't really want to listen to it." Jonathan and I chatted to Mark after the quiz. He's DJing next Thursday at a club off Oxford Circus. "All the bootleggers will be there," he said.

How did we do last night? Not bad - our team came second, spotting 88 of the 101 samples. The full-length version of Intro-Inspection as used in last night's quiz is not online, as Mark is hoping for a commercial release in March, but a shorter, seven-minute version is.

Try your hand at last night's quiz. Download this mp3 and name the 40 samples used in the track.

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