Friday, April 26, 2002

Circumstances, the weather and sheer laziness have caused me to curtail my plans. It's not so much the Big Walk this year, as the Little Potter Around. I had decided to start with the Hindu Temple in Neasden, but the heavens opened, forcing me to take shelter in a huge yellow and blue warehouse. Very gay - but that's IKEA for you. Once the rain had stopped, I padded around the The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and Haveli in my socks.

Shortly thereafter, I almost shat myself by getting lost in a scary estate with delapidated condemend pre-fab blocks of flats and shifty blokes on every street corner. I am currently in Willesden, heading to Hampstead, and - boy - will I ever be glad to leave the borough of Brent.

Right, time to go off Pottering Around again. A full report and photos will follow. In the meantime, read my report of last year's walk. Plus, Jonathan or Sarah may have updates throughout today.

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