Thursday, April 25, 2002

I'm not sure what's happening about tomorrow's planned walk across London.

Sarah has kindly volunteered to blog it for me, which could offer an different perspective, as she's never even been to London. However, when I last e-mailed her, she was under the impression I walking on Sunday, not tomorrow. A couple of other people have kindly expressed interest in doing it, but not at such short notice.

I may:
  • do the walk tomorrow, with Sarah blogging as I go
  • do the walk tomorrow, trying to blog it from coin-operated terminals and internet cafes
  • do the walk tomorrow and blog it myself a few days later
  • do the walk at a later date when Ian can blog it
  • not do the walk at all

    Go check out Sarah tomorrow morning. Even if she's not blogging the walk, she's bound to be providing good content - she usually is.
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