Wednesday, August 01, 2001

You will have to imagine that this is a Flash animation, because I don't have Flash on my machine, and nor do I know how to use it. But this is the opening credit sequence to Fox Kids' new show, FAO Girls. [Click on each pic for a larger version.]

The show opens with a shocking pink screen. The theme tune, a cover of "First We Take Manhattan" by the Pizzicato Five, starts up. The title comes spiralling out from the centre, filling the screen: FAO GIRLS. The voiceover - an excitable American girl, says: "The FAO Girls are Go! And here are the FAO Girls:" Splat! Jonathan's face hits the screen. "Tammy!" Splat! My face fills the screen. "Stacey!"

"Starring Woody Harrelson and Luke Perry. The FAO Girls rule! "

"Fighting crime and conquering their eternal foes the US GayBloggers, using weapons cunningly disguised as cell phones. The FAO Girls talk!"

"The FAO Girls take Manhattan! Brought to you by Motorola. Coming soon on Fox Kids!"

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