Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Green & Blacks are running a novel poster campaign in my local tube station. The escalators are lined with numbered posters: "18: I am forgetting the first chcolate I ever tasted"; "17: I am forgetting selection boxes"; "16: I am forgetting easter eggs"; "15: especially those that have free mugs"; and so on, up to: "3: I am forgetting foreign chocolates with names like Krappi"; "2: I am forgetting chocolate bars that are smaller than they used to be"; "1: I am forgetting chocolate from station slot machines"; and finally: "I am ready - Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate."

Clever campaign. Except:

  • The shop in the station ticket hall doesn't sell Green & Blacks. Missed opportunity or what?

  • Descending the escalators, the very next poster you see after this campaign reads: "A child will have died of poverty by the time you reach the next poster".
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