Monday, October 28, 2002

Wading through my archives, I rediscovered Rob's Amazing Poem Generator. Create your own poem based on any web page. Here's one based on Swish Cottage:

Generate a whirlwind
of an imagined

I wandered around Europe when we stepped out nice, you can impress
your head
Where was
when I stay at 18?
already done years to

Generate a sensitive
wee thing. Back on
the night I fly away
home .

gleefully jumping in the
last I like that you time: hours,
memories are one
of friends a different turn thirty year anniversary
is a farm in
the landscape, my place,
my at all.

Fallen angel,
in England.
perhaps I got
to move us
when young, enough of my family
waved us goodbye

fly home I tried
long to
a little
silver St Christopher on a degree,
the sun, rose the night when
it and mentality.
Johannesburg bad as Aids

and what
you were gay, scene,
at myself
now a crisis of this the night
probably would have
long silky grass.
and keep my memories
regrets when I stay
at my continual arguing.

I am
clubs, I loved. all the
UK, that I would
feel slightly sad and keep friends.

And had wanted to,
ignore the sun, rose
the point of my
heart soared when it was.

too far this trip was the internet.
a grand climax
and they have any photos
of those terrifying
ones that set in
Guardian met David
Beckham. And Wednesday. Presumably
more famous than the nude
David Beckham.

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