Thursday, October 10, 2002

Just some of the more bizarre phrases people have typed into search engines recently, only to find my site:

amputee pretenders
"Got brass, in pocket. Not gonna use my arms, not gonna use my legs, not gonna use my fingers, gotta use my, my, my, imagination..."

hung pupils share penis with teacher
"Sir, sir! Would you like a bit of this?" Well, you got to admit, it beats an apple.

quiz hats one men die colour
Anybody? Anybody?

where to buy x ray googles
Have you tried a search engine?

vera lynn machine gun fellatio
So, that's why she was called the "Forces' Sweetheart".

wig quiz
Here are the answers.

cruel roasted penis pics
"Cruel" roasted? As opposed to...?

cause of inside penis head ich
Ich bin ein dickhead.

poems of penis going into the virgina
Go on, a prize for the best poem in the comments.

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